8.10.2019 53 Strong DeAthlon

What’s better than a traditional Duathlon?… A DeAthlon!
The 53 Strong DeAthlon 2019 will be held Saturday, August 10 at Marvin Town Centre in Waxhaw, NC. The DeAngelo Williams Foundation’s DeAthlon event isn’t the normal run-bike-run, it’s a run-bike-FUN course!

DeAthletes can choose to participate in one of the following:
– The “DeAthlon” includes both the 3.4 mile run and bike route of choice
-3.4 mile run/walk (timed at a traditional 5K distance)
-20 mile bike ride a.k.a. Tiger Trail
-34 mile bike ride a.k.a. Carolina Cruise with one timed challenge segment
-53 mile bike ride a.k.a. Legacy Length with two timed challenge segments

The distances are accolades to DeAngelo’s jersey numbers while playing football: 20 while playing for the University of Memphis and 34 while in the NFL. 53 is the number to pay homage to DeAngelo’s mother, she was only 53 when she passed away from metastatic breast cancer. 53 is also the number of free mammography screenings The DeAngelo Williams Foundation provides at every 53 Strong for Sandra event.

The 53 Strong DeAthlon is the creation of DeAngelo’s love-hate relationship with running and biking combined with his passion for a little fun and games. DeAthletes will also be challenged with a memory game along the bike routes that will test the mind, body, and sole (ya see what we did there?)

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